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Modern quilters break the pattern – Susan Murphy Casey

Sharing the love of quilting – Cheril Vernon

Bee readers respond after article on
Quilts for Kids. – CM Anderson

Famed 'Supper Quilt' on display – Paul A. Kandarian

Crafting for a crowd: Save time by picking assembly-line style projects - Holly Ramer

Quilts, classes, sermons, shelter…Granny can't quit giving – Tad Vezner

Iraqi Bundles of Love – Can you Help? – Daily Blog

Quilters warm local fire victims – Brian Addison

Knitters enjoy their craft without gift of sight

ABC Chicago – Karen Meyer

The Unemployed Quilt Project - A compelling film by unemployed filmmakers - Supratim Sanyal

Gildersleeve students support troops through signature quilt project – Newport News

Trimming Down Your UFOs – 01/26/2011

Groups unite to make, give out 'chemo caps' – 01/26/2011

Win a Signed Copy of Friendship Triangles – 01/26/2011

Following the Pattern – 01/26/2011

Wrap your brain around this: Crafters find uses for lightweight, strong Tyvek

CanadianPress – Jennifer Forker – 01/26/2011

Project Linus needs your help to make quilts for sick children – Laura Kitching – 01/26/2011

Secret code of quilts to be explained – 01/26/2011

DIY Cat throne? Canadian Living editors offer how-to book – Karen Hawthorne – 01/26/2011

Quilt stores enjoy pattern of success despite slow economy – Cheryll A. Borgaard – 01/26/2011

Quilting bonds women of different cultures – Janet Klockenga – 01/26/2011

Studio Fabric Cutter Makes a Guest Appearance in The Double Cross – 01/18/2011

Western Pennsylvania Quilt Documentation Project Underway – Mary Ann Thomas – 01/18/2011

Men breaking the quilting pattern – Lonnie Turner – 01/18/2011

Artful shopper: The key to success is to treat clients like family – Evelyn Longa – 01/18/2011

Quilters' goal is 100 lap quilts – David Davis – 01/18/2011

Locals create 'Quilts of Valor' for wounded soldiers – Keri Bugenhagen – 01/18/2011

The brand-new West Seattle Fabric Company is sew cool – Alison Brownrigg – 01/10/2011

Quilters just itching to stitch – Alison Shea – 01/10/2011

Crooks drive off with woman's quilting business – Ashlea Kosikowski – 01/10/2011

Student threads kindness, caring into sewing project – Betsy Friedrich – 01/10/2011

Nebraska woman turning Country School into Quilter's Retreat – Barbara Ann Dush – 01/10/2011

Joy of quilting is crossing generations – Tracey McManus – 01/03/2011

Key quilting number matches women bonding on project – Steve Hoffman – 01/03/2011

Just Needles binds love of sewing to teaching, learning and community service – 01/03/2011

Rivers inspire quilting artists – Danette M. Watt – 01/03/2011

FREE E-Book 8 Free Apron Sewing Patterns (Download) – Christie Dedman – 01/03/2011

Not your mother's Home Ec – Amy Joyner – 01/03/2011

Quilt guild weaves awareness and community service – Laura C. Jackson – 01/03/2011

It's all in the (minute) details – Lilo Bowman - 12/22/2010

It's a wrap: Project Linus makes 1,900 quilts for shelters – Lori Phelan - 12/22/2010

Do you know how to knit a sweater? – 12/22/2010

Bee Cause: Senior quilters spread warmth among rehabbing veterans – Chris Campbell – 12/22/2010

For the Love of Turkey Red – Lilo Bowman - 12/22/2010

Wrapped in holiday style – Patti Racine – 12/22/2010

Friends: Sewn together (in a good way!) - Michelle Sathe - 12/21/2010

Inmate sewing program benefits community, builds self-esteem - Amanda Curcio - 12/21/2010

School spotlight: Students quilt for cancer patients - Pamela Cotant - 12/21/2010

From big box to their own shop: One couple's store hits a niche for quilting buffs - Lara K. Richards - 12/21/2010

Holiday puts crafters under the (glue) gun: Last minute rush to finish homemade presents - Jana G. Pruden - 12/21/2010

2 years and 85 quilts later, 88 year old Lehi woman going strong - Cathy Allred - 12/21/2010

Two New York seamstresses make sewing hip again with book 'Thread & Bobbin', foresee more interest. - Jacob E. Osterhout - 12/21/2010

The Ark and Crafts Council of Ireland Presents 'Crafted Creatures' - 12/21/2010

A Girl's Best Friend – Kristine Morris - 12/09/2010

Quilters piece hobby into new business – McKibben Jackinsky – 12/09/2010

Changing Lives, One Stitch at a Time – Jennifer van der Kleut – 12/09/2010

Lifeskills: How to sew a button – Judy Hevrdejs – 12/09/2010

SewSisters donate handmade pillow cases to children's home – JoAnn Hart – 12/09/2010

New website helps crafters and hobbyists find free patterns – 12/01/2010

'Green' gift wrap ideas - Angee Fielder – 12/01/2010

From Lancaster to Botswana – Elizabeth Oguss – 12/01/2010

Procreate: Sass up your sweater – Monica Watrous – 12/01/2010

Santa Clara University's first ever Bink-a-thon – James Huan Ly – 12/01/2010

Handmade gifts can be stylish, easy; 5 simple projects for the DIY gift-giver – Jennifer Forker – 12/01/2010

Couple patches together 30 years in business – Ashley S. Westerman – 11/30/2010

Sewing with a purpose (Videos) – Ann Gibbons – 11/30/2010

Quilters don't let vision problems stop them from creating – Michelle Hiskey – 11/30/2010

AIDS quilt on display across metro Atlanta – Sheila M. Poole – 11/30/2010

High Desert Quilt Guild donates to Wounded Warriors – 11/30/2010

Quilt display honors 520 AIDS victims, reminds viewers of a call to action – Danielle Paquette – 11/16/2010

C&T Publishing hits a Home Run with Stash books! – 11/16/2010

Quilting in Wyoming via social media – 11/16/2010

Quilting is like fitting together pieces in a puzzle – Sara Anne Corrigan – 11/16/2010

Giant G20 quilt to be displayed in New York - 11/15/2010

Quilters sew to help create textile museum – Ashley Fuller - 11/15/2010

Quilters share dreams, create art – Sarah Carlson – 11/15/2010

Patching together a hobby for Maryborough quilter – Jodie van de Wetering - 11/15/2010

Guild makes quilts to help wounded soldiers - Theresa Campbell – 11/15/2010

'Quilts for Cruisers' provides blankets for those in need – Beth Burger – 11/10/2010

Quilts of Valor: Service Connects Former Navy Chief with Wounded Warriors – 11/10/2010

Sharing the warmth through handiwork: One quilter often gives her work away to the less fortunate – Renee Fite – 11/10/2010

Local quilt group makes quilts to benefit Alzheimers research – Nancy Gibson – 11/10/2010

Procreate: Fabric Bangles – PROJECT – Monica Watrous – 11/10/2010

Quilting the social history of African-Americans – 11/09/2010

Noel Taylor dies at 97; longtime costume designer for stage and screen – Valerie J. Nelson – 11/09/2010

Quilting Creativity; Looking back at quilting during the US Bicentennial – Candace Blomendahl – 11/09/2010

The stuff dreams are made of: Yankee Cloth makes a difference with pillowcases – Christine Firth – 11/09/2010

Feeling totally exhausted? You may want to check your thyroid: Quilting columnist Joyce Becker shares real-life story

Kent Reporter – Joyce Becker – 11/08/2010

Tradition makes a comeback at quilt competition – Tara Dooley – 11/08/2010

From country to can't miss: The best of the International Quilt Festival – Sarah Rufca – 11/08/2010

Forget Basel & Berlin; Houston's International Quilt Festival is this year's art destination – Steven Thomson – 11/08/2010

Wear pixel art on your sleeve with hacked knitting machine – Elizabeth Fish – 11/08/2010

The Rock Stars of the quilting world – Tara Dooley – 11/05/2010

Arizona quilter makes history with win – Maggie Galehouse – 11/05/2010

Chronicle reporter finds new calling in quilt world – Lana Berkowitz – 11/05/2010

Quilting + Fudge: Great way to unwind – Connie Groop – 11/05/2010

Methods of jazz inspire 'Textural Rhythms' fiber artists – Jenna Spinelle – 11/05/2010

Stockings for soldiers – 11/05/2010

Amy Sedaris takes on DIY gifts with 'Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People' – Patrick Huguenin – 11/02/2010

Getting wrapped up in the quilt show

Houston Chronicle – Claudia Feldman – 11/02/2010

Knitting is connecting a whole new generation of young women – Neena Bhandari – 11/02/2010

Why it matters to be part of social fabric – Agnes Herman – 11/02/2010

Larue Barnes: Squares of Love – Church group makes prayer quilts to give others peace – Larue Barnes – 11/02/2010

MALE ENHANCEMENTS: Suit-able Quilts – 10/26/2010

Not just for grannies anymore: The rise of the urban sewing lounge – Kimberley Mok – 10/26/2010

What to do with 'butt-ugly' fabric – Lois (The Scrappy Quilter) – 10/26/2010

Britain's prisoners sew their way to a better future – Emily Jenkinson – 10/26/2010

Sewing craze takes to the airwaves! – Elana Ashanti Jefferson – 10/26/2010

A Patchwork Smart Car created for breast cancer campaign – 10/19/2010

Martingale publishes Marie Osmond

Publisher's Weekly – Lynn Andriani – 10/18/2010

Quilts capture Scottish women's history for exhibition – 10/19/2010

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores hosts fine arts contest for students – 10/19/2010

Quilters make stockings for military families – Leslie Richardson – 10/19/2010

At the Lexington Quilt Show, every stitch has a story – Joyce L. Faiola – 10/19/2010

Patients pick up their knitting needles for charity – 10/19/2010

Martha Stewart celebrates National Sewing Month! - 09/24/2010

Cannon quilters continue mission of making quilts for families of fallen troops - Liliana Castillo - 09/24/2010

Exhibit celebrates quilts from the county's historical fabric - Shaun Smith - 09/24/2010

'Quilting through the Ages' presented at SY Museum - 09/24/2010

Tualatin quilter sewing up the awards - Kristen Forbes - 09/24/2010

Sewing...Quilting...Do people still sew? Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Responds - 09/23/2010

African-American quilting on the rise, says author Kyra E. Hicks - 09/23/2010

PHOTO GALLERY! - Quiltfest 2010 "Birds of a Feather Quilt Together" photo gallery - Bruce Lipsky - 09/23/2010

Made to 'Celebrate' - Allison Thompson - 09/23/2010

Center goes from quilts to crunches - Kirk Kramer - 09/23/2010

International quilter masters the fine art of fabric dying - Melinda Thompson - 09/23/2010

Samantha's Picks: Get warm and cozy with quilt and craft shows - Samantha E. Williams - 09/23/2010

International Quilt Festival brings fun and fabric to Houston this fall

The Cherokeean Herald - 09/22/2010

Quilting event to help uninsured women - Marta Hepler Drahos - 09/22/2010

'Craft in America' offers inspiration for American Craft Week

Capital City Weekly - Tanna Peters - 09/22/2010

Utah stitches up the quilter's challenge

The Salt Lake Tribune - Kathy Stephenson - 09/20/2010

Stitching quilts & friendship - Carma Wadley - 09/19/2010

Show in Port Townsend to feature quilter who lost all fingers on his right hand. - Diane Urbani de la Paz - 09/16/2010

Home filled with quilts - Tresa Mcbee - 09/16/2010

Gail Galloway is an enthusiastic quilter! – Tracy Jones – 09/16/2010

Quilt compulsion an 'urge' for East Texans

Bullard Banner News - Cathy Krafve - 09/15/2010

Quilter turns brother's clothes into keepsakes - Dorene Weinstein - 09/15/2010

Monson project draws more than 50 quilters - Lori Stabile - 09/15/2010

New book urges quilters to 'Dare to be Square'

The Seattle Times - Mary Ann Gwinn - 09/15/2010

'Project Runway' contestant unveils Orlando's 'Living Positive by Design' quilt

Orlando Sentinel – Jean Patteson – 09/15/2010

Readers share how sewing helped shape the fabric of their lives - Jamesetta Walker - 09/15/2010

Quilting Tradition Binds Sisters – Jennifer Osborn – 09/15/2010

Club brings quilters close

Delmarva Daily Times - Charlene Sharpe - 08/31/2010

Sew 'N Sew donates quilts for Head Start

Chillicothe Gazette - 08/31/2010

Younger quilters are a boom to couple's business - Saimi Bergmann - 08/31/2010

Sewing is a life skill; teaching to sew is an art - Jamesetta Walker - 08/31/2010

Sewing Enthusiasts to Celebrate National Sewing Month: Indulging Your Inner Betsy Ross - 08/30/2010

Two New Fabric Websites Increase Shopping and Sewing Options for Customers of David Samson, Inc. - 08/30/2010

All's Fair in the world of judging

Escanaba Daily Press - Dorothy McKnight - 08/16/2010

Carol Doak drops by to teach new expert techniques

Laconia Citizen - 08/16/2010

Spinning her heart out - Christy Swift - 08/16/2010

Sew-In attracts patchwork of quilters - Staci Hupp - 08/16/2010

Super City-Quilt City Connection II promotes craft on opposing shores

Paducah Sun - Steve Vantreese - 08/15/2010

Israeli quilt exhibit opens Monday in Park City

Salt Lake Tribune - Christopher Smart - 08/13/2010

Boo Davis, Alternative Quilter

New York Times - Penelope Green - 08/11/2010

Crafts: Small, creative art quilts dispense with quilting's patterns and rules

The Canadian Press - Jennifer Forker - 08/10/2010

Sons' old T-shirts become quilts full of memories

Kansas City Star - Diane Stafford - 08/10/2010

A Return to Basics, One Stitch at a Time

New York Times - Kate Singleton - 08/10/2010

A common thread runs through them

Bangor Daily News - Ardeana Hamlin - 08/10/2010

Quilters sew their thanks for female veterans

The Salem News - Paul Leighton - 08/10/2010

Quilts of Valor: Three sisters' passion leads to project to comfort veterans and their families

Belleville News Democrat - Roger Schlueter - 08/09/2010

Donated blankets comfort the sick with love

Detroit Free Press - Kristen Jordan - 08/08/2010

At 99, Utah quilter sewing to serve others

Daily Herald - 08/07/2010

Quilts and cars on display

Regina Leader-Post - Pamela Cowan - 07/26/2010

Thanks to brand-name blogs and online connections, everybody's getting crafty

Publishers Weekly - Gwenda Bond - 07/26/2010

Ohio's patchwork probation system still growing

San Jose Mercury News - 07/26/2010

Sewing group keeps orphans warm

Auburn Journal - Bridget Jones - 07/25/2010

Group fights cancer with comfort

Bonner County Daily Bee - David Gunter - 07/25/2010

Quilts go out to Marines

North County Times - 07/26/2010

Interview with Oregon-born exec Katrina Helmkamp, new CEO of sewing machine giant SVP - 07/25/2010

Blind quilter makes a stop in the lake area

KPLC-TV - Crystal Price - 07/24/2010

Pa. barn-quilt trail grows 1 patchwork at a time

Lebanon Daily News - Rachel R. Basinger - 07/23/2010

Swastika quilt roils an Old West utopia

Los Angeles Times - Jenny Deam - 07/19/2010

Cakes, quilts warm troops

Columbus Dispatch - Jeb Phillips - 07/19/2010

Dallas entrepreneur Callie Works-Leary hopes to build CityCraft into the Crate & Barrel of the sewing world. - Tiffany Black - 07/19/2010

It's back to basics as adults get crafty

Cumberland Courier Newspapers - Polly Simmons - 07/19/2010

Katrina Helmkamp Named CEO of SVP Worldwide - (BusinessWire) - 07/19/2010

Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles this weekend

LA Times - Lisa Boone - 07/19/2010

Quilts, toys comfort displaced kids

Danville Commercial News - Mary Wicoff - 07/18/2010

Oh, he makes quilts, but that's not all

Detroit Free Press - Patti Brandt - 07/18/2010

Virginia Beach woman wants to get her apron strings on you

The Virginian-Pilot - Krys Stefansky - 07/13/2010

Grandmother wraps Haiti victims in labor of love

Chicago Tribune - Donna Vickroy - 07/12/2010

'It's Sew Crafty' Fosters Kids' Creativity

Maplewood Patch - Sonya Kimble-Ellis - 07/12/2010

Utah quilter leads 'most interesting' life

Grand Junction Sentinel - 07/11/2010?

Pembroke Means Business: Tumbleweed Quilts

Pembroke Express - Scott Frano - 07/01/2010

Exhibit showcases work of 106-year-old quilter

Tuscaloosa News (subscription) - Haley Namie - 07/01/2010

Retired farmer busy making patchwork blankets - Gladys Terichow - 07/01/2010

How Some Textile Mills Sidestepped Armageddon

ABC News - Scott Malone - 07/01/2010

Entering a fair contest is easy, open to everyone

Quad City Times - 06/29/2010

Waterproof Picnic Blanket Folds Into a Tote

ABC News - Holly Ramer - 06/30/2010

Log Cabin Quilters celebrate 25 years and hundreds of quilts

100 Mile House Free Press - Arlene Jongbloets - 06/29/2010

Quilting for a cure - Woman stitches together cancer fundraiser

Your Ottawa Region - 06/30/2010

How some textile mills avoided Armageddon - Scott Malone - 06/30/2010

LHS Chemistry Classes Mix Science With Art – With a periodic table quilt!

Lakewood Observer - Christine Gordillo - 06/30/2010

Patterns adorn bars: Quilts on display at jail

Coastal Courier - Denise Etheridge - 06/30/2010

Sewing By The Sea

Working Waterfront - Sandra Dinsmore – 06/28/2010

Color, fresh from the can

Chicago Tribune - Sean Conway - 06/28/2010

American Indian culture inspires quilt artist

Grand Junction Sentinel - Sherida Warner - 06/26/2010

Quilting co-op has something for all: Many vendors, fabric, crafts and classes (press release) – 06/24/2010

Quilting 'Twelve by Twelve'

Epoch Times – Kati Turcu – 06/11/2010

Quilters craft for soldiers

Georgian - Christopher Vaughan – 06/22/2010

Fabric leftovers lead 4-H kids to blanket Texas

PressZoom (press release) – 06/22/2010

SewGreen Puts it All Together

Ithaca Journal – 06/22/2010

Stitch by STITCH, quilters, knitters and crocheters gather to chat, create goodwill

Pueblo Chieftain - Mary Jean Porter - 06/22/2010

It's sew easy to fundraise

Red Cross Blogs (blog) - Alix Miller - 06/21/2010

Quilter on the' disabled list'

Kawartha Media Group (blog) – 06/21/2010

Quilters take Pepsi Challenge – 06/21/2010

East Palo Alto alternative school students excel in quilting

San Jose Mercury News - Neil Gonzales - 06/19/2010

Quilts of Valor sewers' works honor veterans

Long Beach Press-Telegram – 06/19/2010

Help ConKerr Cancer at Celebration of Quilts 2010

York Daily Record - 06/18/2010

A new generation of quilters

KLEW - Zach Whitney - 06/17/2010

A new generation of quilters

KLEW - Zach Whitney - 06/17/2010

Thinking outside the square wins quilter prized award

Sydney Morning Herald - Amy Corderoy – 06/17/2010

Reinventing the necktie for Dad's day

Houma Courier - Jennifer Forker – 06/17/2010

Old neckties can be used to make clothes, quilts and home dιcor

Winnipeg Free Press - Jennifer Forker – 06/17/2010

Fourth-graders deliver hand-crafted quilts

CNYLink from Eagle Newspapers - Kelly Cary – 06/17/2010

Cut and stay dry: Fabric shop is for makers of outdoor gear

Catholic Sentinel - Clarice Keating – 06/17/2010

Sewing school students have sew much fun?

Ocala - Jon Singley - 06/16/2010

Bikers, quilters get together for seniors

Santa Ynez Valley News - Raiza Canelon - 06/15/2010

How to make the perfect dress

The Guardian - Perri Lewis – 06/15/2010

U.S. soldier, quilting group seek to resume program that supplies Iraqi women with fabric, sewing tools

Columbus Dispatch - Jeffrey Sheban – 06/14/2010

Nebraskaland Days quilt show is absent this year

North Platte Telegraph - Sharron Hollen - 06/13/2010

Church quilters sew caps, blankets for those in need

HeraldNet - Amy Daybert – 06/12/2010

Patchwork-like image of developing zebrafish sensory organ - 06/15/2010

Quilting 'Twelve by Twelve'

The Epoch Times - Kati Turcu - 06/11/2010

21st Habitat home dedicated

Wilkes Journal Patriot - Frances Hayes – 06/14/2010

Traveling quilters move the needle

RocNow - Tom Tobin - 06/10/2010

Green Crafters Combine Beauty, Function

Voice of America - Rosanne Skirble - 06/10/2010

Quilts find way to Anchorage homeless

KTUU - Ted Land – 06/10/2010

A home-sewing revival: the return of Clothkits - Clover Stroud – 06/10/2010

Talk about a tight-knit group of women

Dallas Morning News - Steve Blow – 06/10/2010

The Modern Crafting Movement and Feminism

BlogHer (blog) – 06/09/2010

Winters fest features famous Gee's Bend quilts - 06/09/2010

Bags to Bags - business recycles plastic bags into new bags

PNW Local News – 06/09/2010

There's nothing woolly about marathon knitter Alison Murray

BBC News – 06/09/2010

'Fashion Fever' Hits Craft SuperShow

PR Newswire (press release) – 06/09/2010

Quilt features gift of life through organ, tissue donation

Zanesville Times Recorder – 06/09/2010

Bonds formed between women and prisoners making teddy bears

New Baltimore Voice Newspapers – 06/09/2010

Books to keep you in stitches

DHS deploys HD 'video quilting' chandeliers in Boston

Mother and daughter open a fiber arts studio in downtown Oregon City

The Garment District: So Last-Century, or the Perfect Fit for New York?

Library & Knitters team up provide opportunity for multigenerational knitting


Fiber artist Maria Wulf's potholders are selling like hotcakes

May your days be full of kindness

Australian AIDS Memorial Quilt Project finds a final home to display over 130 memorial quilts, builds team of volunteers to help fill in the gaps on missing info.

South Berwick kids provide comfort with quilts

Knitting Up North Blog: Peace Out, Man

Team raises funds for cancer using T-shirt quilt

SewaNew Theme Kicks off Preparations for September is National Sewing Month

Artist has been using textiles to weave tales for 25 years

Make a teddy bear out of material that's close to your heart

A reason to play

Patchwork Quilt: My Favorite Handmade Item

Area quilters sew 5,200 pillowcases in national donation challenge

The secrets of the Changi Girl Guide quilt

Online shoppers can pick style, fabric, have dress sewn in the US

World War II quilt spans 69 years in the making

Anatomy of an oh-so-good splurge in fragile times

How you can help make a difference one pillowcase at a time

A stitch back in time by a living treasure

Women make quilts for ill, abused children

Local crafters are doing their part to meet the Million Pillowcase Challenge

Resident turns old materials into new quilts

Get a Dose of Sunshine!

Prison inmates quilt to honor soldiers

Quilting Outside the Box

DIY Romper Sleepwear

Bloomin' Button Brooches with Laura West Kong

Craft project: 'No sew' quilt cards

Sisterhood of the traveling quilters: Bonds stiched together at kite festival

Quilts on their way to Ethiopia with love

Third-grade art class at O.P. Earle crafting quality quilts

A Look at Some of the Best Recent Craft Books

Sew n' Sews Celebrate Community: Patriotic purpose

Downy Touch of Comfort Announces the Grand Prize Winner of The Quilter Challenge

Rediscovery: Looking back to move forward

Tiburon's Amish Quilt Collectors

Discount Chinese fabric causes dumping alarm

Quilts: stitches in the fabric of time

Quilters guild explores 'Threads that Bind Us'

Quilter's give back to patients with Lou Gehrig's Disease

Theatre production tells stories through patchwork quilts

Paducah's dome a hit as 26th annual quilt show opens

The quilt ladies of Aloha – Volunteers making 100 quilts a year since the 1980s!

Three Rivers Quilters offer a slice of Pittsburgh

Quilter's Guild donates 199 quilts to local groups

Lyme quilter takes her inspiration from nature

Wrapped up in hugs: Bridgewater women make quilts for needy children

In Stitches

One Million Pillowcase Challenge

85-Year-Old Crafter Makes 100 Quilt Tops Per Year

How to make simple, pretty patchwork!

Martha Stewart's new sewing book...put to the test!

Quilters come to Tacoma, even attract the mayor's attention!

Illinois Valley Quilt Guild hosts quilt show, celebrates 25-year anniversary

A passion for patching

Quilters just don't quit; Group learns about quilt history during slavery

It's all true: Confessions of a Quiltaholic

Maria Shriver celebrates Women's History Month

Sew Caring Quilters provide quilts for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

Dignity quilts will comfort grieving families

Quilters Make A Case For Wake Women In Recovery

Judy Mullen: Quilter par excellence

'Last Supper' quilt to be on display in Celina

Manchester students sew up appreciation for troops

Library display features quilts crafted by Coffee Creek inmates

Quilters exceed quota for Haiti

Quilts that go beyond grandma's

SPACE SHOTS: Quilting keeps artist in stitches

Form and Fiber: A new twist on art quilts and ceramics

'Hands For Haiti' Making Quilts

Laura Veirs keeps the home fires burning on July Flame (quilting helped along the way!)

Quilting as a form of creative expression and record of history will be the theme of several Women's History Month activities slated for the month of March at Fort Scott National Historic Site.

Soldier home from Afghanistan on mission to meet Michigan quilter

Anna Paquin lends support to Costume Guild Awards

Craft 101: The V&A quilting project

Milan: Fur, leather, wool combine in latest trend

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