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Modern quilters break the pattern – Susan Murphy Casey

Sharing the love of quilting – Cheril Vernon

Bee readers respond after article on Quilts for Kids. – CM Anderson

Famed 'Supper Quilt' on display – Paul A. Kandarian

Crafting for a crowd: Save time by picking assembly-line style projects - Holly Ramer

Quilts, classes, sermons, shelter…Granny can't quit giving – Tad Vezner

Iraqi Bundles of Love – Can you Help? – Daily Blog

Quilters warm local fire victims – Brian Addison

Knitters enjoy their craft without gift of sight

ABC Chicago – Karen Meyer

The Unemployed Quilt Project - A compelling film by unemployed filmmakers - Supratim Sanyal

Gildersleeve students support troops through signature quilt project – Newport News

Trimming Down Your UFOs

Groups unite to make, give out 'chemo caps'

Win a Signed Copy of Friendship Triangles

Following the Pattern

Wrap your brain around this: Crafters find uses for lightweight, strong Tyvek

CanadianPress – Jennifer Forker

Project Linus needs your help to make quilts for sick children – Laura Kitching

Secret code of quilts to be explained

DIY Cat throne? Canadian Living editors offer how-to book – Karen Hawthorne

Quilt stores enjoy pattern of success despite slow economy – Cheryll A. Borgaard

Quilting bonds women of different cultures – Janet Klockenga

Studio Fabric Cutter Makes a Guest Appearance in The Double Cross

Western Pennsylvania Quilt Documentation Project Underway – Mary Ann Thomas

Men breaking the quilting pattern – Lonnie Turner

Artful shopper: The key to success is to treat clients like family – Evelyn Longa

Quilters' goal is 100 lap quilts – David Davis

Locals create 'Quilts of Valor' for wounded soldiers – Keri Bugenhagen

The brand-new West Seattle Fabric Company is sew cool – Alison Brownrigg

Quilters just itching to stitch – Alison Shea

Crooks drive off with woman's quilting business – Ashlea Kosikowski

Student threads kindness, caring into sewing project – Betsy Friedrich

Nebraska woman turning Country School into Quilter's Retreat – Barbara Ann Dush

Joy of quilting is crossing generations – Tracey McManus

Key quilting number matches women bonding on project – Steve Hoffman

Just Needles binds love of sewing to teaching, learning and community service

Rivers inspire quilting artists – Danette M. Watt

FREE E-Book 8 Free Apron Sewing Patterns (Download) – Christie Dedman

Not your mother's Home Ec – Amy Joyner

Quilt guild weaves awareness and community service – Laura C. Jackson

It's all in the (minute) details – Lilo Bowman

It's a wrap: Project Linus makes 1,900 quilts for shelters – Lori Phelan

Do you know how to knit a sweater?

Bee Cause: Senior quilters spread warmth among rehabbing veterans – Chris Campbell

For the Love of Turkey Red – Lilo Bowman

Wrapped in holiday style – Patti Racine

Friends: Sewn together (in a good way!) - Michelle Sathe

Inmate sewing program benefits community, builds self-esteem - Amanda Curcio

School spotlight: Students quilt for cancer patients - Pamela Cotant

From big box to their own shop: One couple's store hits a niche for quilting buffs - Lara K. Richards

Holiday puts crafters under the (glue) gun: Last minute rush to finish homemade presents - Jana G. Pruden

2 years and 85 quilts later, 88 year old Lehi woman going strong - Cathy Allred

Two New York seamstresses make sewing hip again with book 'Thread & Bobbin', foresee more interest. - Jacob E. Osterhout

The Ark and Crafts Council of Ireland Presents 'Crafted Creatures'

A Girl's Best Friend – Kristine Morris

Quilters piece hobby into new business – McKibben Jackinsky

Changing Lives, One Stitch at a Time – Jennifer van der Kleut

Lifeskills: How to sew a button – Judy Hevrdejs

SewSisters donate handmade pillow cases to children's home – JoAnn Hart

New website helps crafters and hobbyists find free patterns

'Green' gift wrap ideas - Angee Fielder

From Lancaster to Botswana – Elizabeth Oguss

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Luke Mulks headshot
Luke Mulks

Jo-Ann's just purchased and about to be pulled off the NYSE - Why this is a really, really good thing for quilting

Luke Mulks


is the headline that got the keys in motion:
Jo-Ann Stores being purchased by Leonard Green & Partners Affiliate for about $1.6 billion

This type of headline might normally be a bit of boring news for quilters, or a mere blip in the busy financial news cycle. As I read through the article (and did a little research in parallel of the players involved), my laptop was the only thing keeping me from jumping through the ceiling (in joy). Read More

Amanda Clark headshot
Amanda Clark

My First Houston Quilt Market!
Part 2 - Dinners, classes and meetings behind the scenes

Amanda Clark


The first night my Aunt Laura and I arrived in Houston, we headed to the FabShop Market Kick-Off Dinner Party. These dinner parties were some of my favorite experiences of the trip. A delicious dinner was served, followed by a speaker from FabShop who introduced some special guests. The theme of the party was ‘Undercover CEOs’,(inspired by the TV show ‘Undercover Boss’ -  where CEOs spend a day in the shoes of their employees).. Read More

Amanda Clark headshot
Amanda Clark

My First Houston Quilt Market!
Part 1 - Catching the quilting bug, knocking out UFOs, and taking it all the way to Houston

Amanda Clark


My love affair with art goes as far back as I can remember. I’ve always felt a natural talent in art, and have steered in the direction of making a career from my art. Drawing and painting had been my outlet for most of my life, but recently I’ve discovered how much of an adventure it can be to express my art in other forms. Read More

louise handley headshot
Anita Grossman Solomon

NEW! QCN's Interview with the Artist
Anita Grossman Solomon, Rooted in Fabric


Our debut Interview with the Artist article features author, teacher, blogger and the all around awesome Anita Grossman Solomon. Anita shares some piecing wisdom, and also offers some tips on preparing and storing your fabrics!  Read More

louise handley headshot
Elin Waterston

My Life as an Art Quilter
Exhibiting Your Work, Part 2

Elin Waterston

Okay, so you’re ready to start exhibiting your art quilts. Now what? First, you need to find a venue (or venues) for your work. These can be local or non-local galleries, art centers, juried art exhibits and/or quilt shows. You can also approach libraries or coffee shops in your area and see if they have gallery space. I’ve had a solo show at a yoga studio, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little. Read More

Jena Moreno headshot
Jena Moreno

Stitched: Documented

Part 2 - Making it Happen

Jena Moreno

Part 2 of Jena Moreno's Stitched: Documented article series for QCN shines a light on doing whatever it takes to get "it" done. Whether "it" is funding for the project, preparing, traveling, shooting or editing, there are a lot of "it"s that have to get done for a project to see the light of day.

"Like any artist, at the start of my project I was excited and focused on making a great piece of work - then the bills started trickling in. Cameras, lights and travel are expensive. I soon realized I had to find a way to help pay for our documentary if we were ever going to get it to the big screen."  Read More

louise handley headshot
Sara Trail

Head out to your local thrift store, and keep on stitching!

Sara Trail

There is nothing more fun for me than heading to my local thrift store, picking up some "good as new" clothing, and using my imagination (and sewing machine) to make it "better than ever!"  Read More

louise handley headshot
Elin Waterston

My Life as an Art Quilter
Part 1 - Exhibiting Your Work

Elin Waterston

A big part of being an artist, regardless of medium, is showing your work, right? But sometimes this concept - putting your art (aka, your heart and soul, your innermost personal somethings) out there for all the world to see/judge/criticize - is scary for people. Really scary. Really, really scary. This is mainly because they have a fear of rejection. Let me assuage your fears. Read More

Jake Finch
Jake Finch

International Quilt Market 2010 Report

Jake Finch

International Quilt Market, the tradeshow for those in the Q-Biz. For newbies walking the floors of whichever convention center is up for the industry show-and-tell, it’s a wondrous gorge fest of all things quilty.
Read More

louise handley headshot
Laura West Kong

You never know just where your Tiny Treasure Adventure will take you!

Laura West Kong

Summer’s right around the corner. The days are getting longer … and warmer.  Are you ready to kick off your
shoes and your king size batting? Why not quilt some tiny treasures? Try something new. It doesn’t have to be big, serious, or even perfect. Just take some fabric out and play!

"There’s no long term commitment to any one technique.
. If I try something new and don’t like it, I don’t have to do it tomorrow." 
Read More

louise handley headshot
Jena Moreno

Stitched: Documented

Part 1 - Hitting the Ground Running

Jena Moreno

In Part 1 of Jena Moreno's Stitched: Documented article series for QCN, Jena shares the origins and passion behind her upcoming independent quilting documentary, Stitched. Get an inside view on some of the ups and downs of the process of documentary filmmaking, and read more about three quilters that are the focus of the film (hint...they're amazing, award winning, and all 3 are ramping up for the infamous International Quilt Festival in Houston)

"Snowmaggedon, missed flights and laryngitis couldn’t keep us from finishing production of our documentary, Stitched."
 Read More

louise handley headshot
Elin Waterston

Yodeling, dance and other ways of beating the creative block.

Elin Waterston

So here’s the lesson... I needed to get out of my head. I needed to stop thinking “I’m gonna be creative now.” I needed to remove my deliberate intention to be creative and just let the creativity happen on it’s own. There will always be times when I feel I’m not in the zone or I have nothing new or different or unique to say artistically. I know now that I just need to push through those times with wild abandon, and leave my head out of it. Read More

louise handley headshot
Claire O'Connor

A happy leaf on the wind: How one quilt artist catches the breeze.

Claire O'Connor

Left to my own devices, I'm a happy little leaf on the wind…making art, getting stuff done, in the flow – and periodically getting "stuck". So what happens when the flow isn't flowing? What to do when the wind ain't blowing? As an artist, how do I navigate my way through? Over the years, I've developed a rich and reliable toolbox to help myself get going again. Here's a bit about two of the most essential tools: commitment and support. Read More

louise handley headshot
Jean Jurgenson

Inspiration - The same object from a different angle!

Jean Jurgenson

My daughter took a photo of a taxi from the window of her high-rise apartment building in Hong Kong. The elongation of the surrounding buildings as you looked down fourteen floors fascinated me. Thus, my quilt Hong Kong Taxi was born. Many ordinary landscapes and streetscapes can be made infinitely more exciting by finding that unexpected perspective. Read More

louise handley headshot
Aileyn Ecob

File Under...Potential Art Quilts!

Aileyn Ecob

I love the process of making an art quilt! It usually starts with an inspiration for a design, but the inspiration really continues through all the other steps that finally achieve that original idea. One of my sources of inspiration is a file of design ideas---potential art quilts! Read More

louise handley headshot
Louise Handley

Finding Silhouettes - Sometimes a technique is looking right back at you!

Louise Handley

My sister was coming to visit for a few days. Some type of quilting project that we could do together seemed like a good idea, but what? I was temporarily out of ideas. My thoughts kept going back to a snapshot of the two of us on the beach as small children. The photo was very poor quality, blurry and gray, but I had always loved it. 
What could we do with that photo? Read More

franki kohler headshot
Franki Kohler

Viewing nature has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Leaf shapes jump out and say “Print me!”

Franki Kohler

I’m enchanted by the simple shapes of nature -- a single ginkgo or dusty miller leaf or the drama of a Woodwardia fern can be the starting point for my art. I use sun print, cyanotype print, photography and/or fused appliqué to start. My challenge then is to apply threadpainting and quilting lines that enhance the image. I often use beads.
Read More

luke mulks headshot
Luke Mulks

Hello, World!

Luke Mulks

Hello, World! If you're reading this, you've just stumbled upon the Quilter's Choice Network (QCN). This website is the result of many hours of hard work and planning over the last two years, and this is only the beginning of what there is to see and experience.
Read More

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Craftzine (YouTube Channel)

The Quilt Halo

Sharon Schamber (YouTube Channel)

ABC's of Quilting, Trapunto 101, Part 1

Patsy Thompson - (YouTube Channel)

How to Quilt : Making a Baby Quilt

Shelly Cordsen - (YouTube Channel)

Quilting with Buck

panodano98 - (YouTube Channel)

Charm Packs - Brand New to Quilting Series

Sarah – Missouri Star Quilt Co. (YouTube Channel)

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