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We all know that the internet is huge, beyond huge. There's no exception when it comes to quilting either. There is a lot of great information being put out every day for quilters from a lot of great sources, but not enough ways to wrangle all the information.


The Quilter's Choice Network (QCN) is meant to do just that. We've built a home here to corral the many news articles, quilting blogs, and many helpful quilting video clips out there in one place.


We're not only pulling in links to outside news and blogs, we're also writing our own articles and producing other content for you to enjoy! We've put together a great group of quilt authors, teachers, artists and people in the quilting "biz" to contribute to these articles.


From the start, QCN has been a business built for the web first. We know how much of a hurdle life online can be to someone new to the computer, so we've kept that in mind to try and make things simple and easy to access.


We also want you to have a voice online, so we've built in some areas for you to share with other quilters and respond to articles we've posted. Over time, we'll be putting more and more features into the website for you to participate and contribute.


At the end of the day, we've put QCN together so you can have a place to stop by when you need a few minutes here or there to get away from the everyday grind, and tune into the quilting world. We're working really hard to continue updating and creating our own content, so we hope you enjoy it.

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