Head out to your local thrift store, and keep on stitching!

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Sara Trail

Sara Trail - QCN


There is nothing more fun for me than heading to my local thrift store, picking up some "good as new" clothing, and using my imagination (and sewing machine) to make it "better than ever!"

There are thrift stores in most towns, and since they’re a place that takes donations from everybody, you get a variety of clothing to choose from that you don’t get at most places (and thrift store prices are CHEAP!). It’s a great way to experiment with new kinds of projects, and a way to get better if you’re just starting out. One of the best parts is that you can do it for quilting or sewing, just let your imagination run free!

Grab your friends, and make a trip to the thrift store!

We took our ideas to the thrift store...

...and found even more to choose from than we imagined!

For some more great thrift store projects, check out my website:  www.sewsarasew.com There, you will see how to take a drab "bridesmaid" dress from the thrift store and turn it into a "designer original" in less than 2 hours!  I can't tell you how happy my mom and dad were when I didn't need to spend a couple of hundred dollars for my Winter Ball!  Now that I've got the hang of remaking thrift store clothes, I am officially a thrift store junkie!

Sew Sara (aka: Sara Trail)

Thrift Store Sample Project - “Hippie Dress”

Remember, I am a high school student and I don't have TONS OF MONEY, so here’s a sample of a “hippie dress” thrift store project I like to make.

1. Head to the thrift store and pick up a pair of denim overalls.

2. Take a seam ripper, and completely rip out the inner seam on each leg of the overalls (NOT the outer seams on the legs).

3. Lay them out on a cutting table (or any large table at home…but check with Mom or Dad first!), and eyeball the "triangle" that exists between the opened up blue jean legs.  Open the blue jean legs out wide so you can see just how wide you want to make your new "Hippie Dress" skirt.

4. Cut 2 large triangle patches of the fabric you've chosen. This could easily be a denim fabric,  vibrant cotton, a funky old curtain, or whatever pretty fabric you have around.

5. Turning the overalls inside-out, sew the new fabric triangles onto the inner sides on front and back of the blue jean legs.

6. JUST LIKE THAT, I have a new outfit for school or whatever!  The best part about this outfit is that when I eat too much, no one can tell because I make sure that I buy nice and roomy overalls!


Sara Trail Headshot

Sara trail is a published author and young quilter, who has been quilting and sewing since she could push her foot down on the pedal of her sewing machine. Find out more about Sara's book and DVD, and see what else Sara is up to at her website:

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