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By: Jane Moxey – QCN
Date: 02/25/2010


I’ve found it to be true that good things can happen when you least expect them. This is especially true if you are open minded, and are willing to jump in and try new things!
When I was growing up in England, my ambition was to be a famous theatre actress. At my English girls’ boarding school, I was deeply involved with everything that had to do with performing. I thought I’d end up going to a drama school, and with a bit of training, I’d have a successful career in theatre. Instead, I ended up taking a 9-month secretarial course. The secretarial course covered shorthand and typing, two areas that seemed far away from my dreams and ambitions in theatre.
However, armed with those secretarial skills, I managed to land jobs in the UK that were all related in some way to the performing arts. When I immigrated to the US, my first job was at CBS as the secretary for the 8 writers of the Red Skelton Show. Following my work at CBS, I landed a job at Paramount Studios. I met my future husband through my work at Paramount; we got married, started our family, and I fell into the new role of wife and mother.


Like many a young mother, I felt the need to find a creative outlet.  I needed something I could do at home.  I’d tried making a king size quilt from a magazine (doesn’t everyone start out making a king size quilt?).  My theory starting out was that if I could read, then I could sew.  Little did I know how much more was involved the art of making a quilt, regardless of the size.  I took a sampler class at a local quilt shop, and before I knew it, I was hooked.  I’d found a creative outlet for my energy.
The years passed by, and eventually my husband retired. We packed up and moved to the Pacific Northwest, where we didn’t know a soul. Eager to continue forward with my quilting, I checked in the Yellow Pages and found a local quilt shop. The shop was offering a class about rotary cutting, so I signed up. Through another quilting class, I met one of the organizers of the Great Pacific Northwest Quilt Show. The organizer invited me to come to a meeting, and I showed up.  Before I knew it, I was raising funds for the event.
Through that quilt show connection I got hooked up with our local PBS station. The PBS station wanted free tickets to the quilt show to offer as “Thank You” gifts for pledges. I suggested that they send a camera crew to film the beautiful quilts that won in the contest. PBS liked the suggestion, and sent a crew down to film the winners. That suggestion-turned-opportunity led directly to my midlife career as a producer of quilt-related programs for PBS, including a special about both the Paducah and Houston shows!  I learned a new skill during those productions…interviewing quilting stars!
The PBS TV specials led to a freelance job with C&T Publishing producing and directing for their “At Home with the Experts” DVD series. Before I knew it, I had produced and directed 13 episodes for C&T!
I was able to work and connect with some great stars in quilting, which has lead me here contributing for QCN!


By being honest with yourself about what you have a passion for, while also being open to trying something new or different when the opportunity knocks, you can create a path you only would have dreamed of. Know that doing anything new or out of the ordinary might give you some butterflies, but venturing beyond the discomfort definitely has its rewards. By saying yes, I’ve merged two creative outlets that I love into a career I could have only dreamed of.

Jane Moxey is a quilter, producer and QCN Contributor. Check out Jane’s blog, Moxey’s Musings, by clicking here.

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