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By: Luke Mulks– QCN
Date: 02/25/2010


Hello, World! If you're reading this, you've just stumbled upon the Quilter's Choice Network (QCN). This website is the result of many hours of hard work and planning over the last two years, and this is only the beginning of what there is to see and experience. I want QCN to be a first stop to check in on what's new with quilting online. I've been working with some familiar faces in this market, all of whom I've known or worked with over the last several years, and we're all pulling together to make this a reality for you. 

It's easy to be overwhelmed with all the information out there online, and quilting is no exception. I'm striving to provide a place that corrals interesting quilt news from all over the web, while also putting out original articles from some of the great contributors that we've been able to put together in our group. We've also got a lot of friends, quilters blogging on their own, and we're providing some links to their websites so you can enjoy their work as well. 

It's my hope that QCN becomes a place you can check in on for 5 minutes here or there throughout your day to get a little dose of quilting inspiration, and read up on news from some of your fellow quilters. This isn't a one sided effort either, our articles have comment boards below so you can have a say too. 

I've put my heart and soul into putting this home together for you online, and I truly hope that each and every one of you enjoys what we've put together. I am committing to every one of you readers that I'm going to continue to put my energy into making your experience here better and better.


We're also going to be reading what you all have to say on our comment boards, and we'll use your feedback to put out content that you want. 

Please take a second to read this too, because it's really important. When you all are reading our articles, we encourage you to comment. We just ask that you keep The Golden Rule (your nice + their nice = everything's nice).


If we can all live by The Golden Rule, I won't have to become a defacto comment board policeman, and we can all enjoy and love this new community.


If you enjoy what you see on QCN, please tell your friends (and everyone you know!)! If you'd be interested in writing articles for us, we'll be opening the doors up for that as well in the near future. 

Enjoy the website - Sign up for our E-newsletter mailing list to stay updated on what's new - and if you all get a chance, please check out our MS Friends page!

Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) 

Luke Mulks



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Luke Mulks is a multimedia producer, and founder of the Quilter's Choice Network. Luke also owns and operates Pure Productions, his multimedia production company. Over the last 8 years, Luke's worked and provided services for the quilt industry. Outside of work, Luke loves playing acoustic guitar, Call of Duty, and all things internet.

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